Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Sale

My neighborhood had a charity book sale last Saturday. It started at 9 am. I didn't think much of it, I pictured a couple of tables covered with books and people elbowing each other to get them. When I got there a little past 9 am the place was packed. They put up several tents and dozens of tables by subjects. They literally had thousands of books. I didn't even bring a bag with me. Luckily I had my son's stroller to carry the books home - don't worry, my son wasn't under the books in the picture, he walked home. I ended up buying 25 books - Cooking, Politics, Fiction, Entertaining, Children's.

I am in love with a book called Country Weekends by Lee Bailey. The book covers virtually every type of outing you can think of. From picnics in the country to seaside dinners. The pictures are beautiful and Bailey's comments are timeless. He wrote this book in 1983 and died in 2003 (see article on the New York Times). He planned meals based on how much time you want to spend making them. The book tells you how to adapt the menu if something took longer than you expect, it will tell you in what order things should be cooked in, when to server them, what can be made in advance. It's trully delightful.


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