Saturday, February 18, 2006

Freezing Saturday Morning

I met my friends A and D Saturday morning for breakfast. We hadn't talked in months and we scheduled some time for breakfast, shopping, and catching up. It was freezing, the high temperature forecasted was 32 degrees but with the wind blowing non-stop felt much colder. I am the only one living in Virginia and they both live in Maryland, so I came up with the idea of meeting them at Ikea in Maryland, have breakfast, and then find some good deals at the store. There is always something interesting (and cheap) to buy at Ikea. We met around 10 am, I had a cinnamon roll, they had scrambled eggs and bacon. We talked for over an hour and headed to the store. I lost track of time, when we got to the register it was almost 2 pm! I bought two beautiful plants, a small orchid and a tall plant for my living room, two clear rectangular flower vases, and some kitchen accessories.


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