Saturday, September 30, 2006

Walking Starbucks

My husband is the sweetest thing! He makes me coffee every morning. I have black coffee most of the time and he's an espresso drinker. On the weekends I usually ask for the house specials. It's when he makes flavored lattes or cappuccinos.

It was raining this morning and the temperature went down to the 50's. My husband made me a nice hot cup of cappuccino the way I like - with cinnamon sprinkled on top - and took care of the baby so I could read the Washington Post and enjoy my cappuccino. Last year we bought a cappuccino-espresso maker, it was money well spent. We never had so much use of any other appliance in the house. The best of all is that I never had to use it, my husband is the "barista" in our household.


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