Monday, March 13, 2006

Old Chickahominy House

We met our friends E, S, and their baby D at the Old Chickahominy House restaurant for lunch on Sunday. Old Chickahominy House is a very interesting and popular restaurant in Williamsburg. It's an old house, decorated with antique-like furniture and accessories and almost everything is for sale. They open for breakfast and lunch only. The restaurant is always packed and they don't take reservations. Their menu has very few items but everything tastes "grandmotherly". The biggest seller is a Special with a cup of stew, ham on biscuits, fruit salad, and homemade pie. The ham is the best ham I have ever had. It was a salty Smithfield Virginia Country Ham. The biscuits are flat, cut lengthwise, and served warm filled with ham. The fruit salad was the only odd thing on the menu, it's a small plate with lettuce, pineapple, peach, some salty cream, and cheddar cheese. It wasn't a winner combination. Their homemade pie was delicious. The crust was just right, not too crumbly, not too buttery. I had a cherry pie and a coconut pie. I had lunch there two days in a row and I would keep coming if I lived nearby. I'm going to try to replicate their ham on biscuits and homemade pie next weekend. Let's cross our fingers, I hope it's going to come out as good as their biscuits.


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fruit salad is old school Virginia. My grandmother always ate that. It's either a canned pineapple ring or the canned peach. The cream you mention is just mayo or miracle whip with shredded cheddar cheese all on the bed of iceberg lettuce. Not something anyone would serve today. But the old Southern Va housewives made it often.


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