Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday in Washington, DC

After two beautiful, warm, and sunny days the temperature plunged. It’s expected to be between 46 and 30 degrees F and breezy today. I stepped out at lunch time to run errands and it was surprisingly pleasant. Most days I am so busy and/or tired that I hit the vending machine at lunch time. I have been telling myself to turn it around. Yesterday I went out and bought some Beef Barley Soup and a Jalapeno Cornbread (sweet, savory, and spicy). Today I am having a Chicken Wrap. No more chocolate bars or potato chips for lunch.

It’s finally Friday. As I walked back to the office I saw so many gorgeous flower bouquets. Every Thursday and Friday there are stands selling fresh flowers on pretty much every corner. When I take the subway back home I always look at people who bought flowers and wonder why they chose a certain type or color, if they are putting their flowers in a sunny living room, or a cozy dinning room, maybe on a nightstand in their bedroom or a kitchen area. Are they going to cook breakfast and serve with a beautiful flower vase as a centerpiece? Are they having friends over for dinner who will appreciate the lively flowers? No matter what they are going to do with their flowers I hope they will enjoy the weekend.


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