Sunday, December 03, 2006


Thanksgiving day was great. Our friends Y and K and their adorable 10-month-old daughter joined us. The gathering went beyond my expectations - we ended up in the kitchen together - and I love to cook with friends! I roasted the turkey, made two types of cranberry sauce, a sweet potato casserole, and gravy - from scratch with turkey stock that simmered for 3 hours the night before. They made mashed potato, another sweet potato casserole, and a yummy and moist cake. I had a great time, everything was very casual, shoes off, sitting on the floor and playing with the babies (mine and theirs), eating, talking...

Next day my son had a fever and I thought he had a cold. Unbeknown to me, it was a stomach flu and the six of us caught it. It was going around in my office the week before and since Y and I work together we don't know who brought it home. Doesn't really matter. But we were miserable the entire weekend. My 6-month-old son was worse than me and my husband combined, poor thing. We were sick the entire week. Now, a week later we are back to normal again.

Anyway, I had a great Thanksgiving day and I am thankful for wonderful friends.


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