Monday, January 22, 2007

First Snow of the Season

Yesterday we had the first snow of the season with accumulation of about 2 inches. The weatherwoman called for flurries so I wasn’t expecting much but stayed in anyway. As I am on top of a 12-foot tall ladder replacing the curtain rod in my living room I see the first few flakes coming down through the glass sliding door. But it wouldn’t stop. The flurries turned out to be 2 inches of snow and later some ice. It’s always relaxing to stay nice and warm inside the house, watching the slow-falling flakes. Monday morning is a completely different story though. Before I left for work I shoveled my sidewalk and cleared my car… I could definitely use this time for something more productive. I guess I can’t complain. It’s almost the end of January and that’s the first snow of the season.
Yesterday I planned to catch up with a stack of magazines, relax, have something hot to drink but I didn’t have enough time. My baby was extra-ultra-whiney yesterday and I had tons of things to do around the house. We had lunch at 3 pm and didn’t have a chance to relax until 9 pm. But I did relax; hubby and I watched some TV with a big bowl of popcorn. Why do we have a 5-day work week and 2-day weekends? Argh.


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