Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blind Wine Tasting

Tonight I attended the most fun party I have been in a long time. My friend A, her husband M and baby S threw a Holiday / Wine Tasting Party. The wine tasting had some rules to be followed but once you got the hang of it the rules became quite easy. Each guest brought a bottle of red wine. Upon our arrival we were given a brown paper bag and we would number our wines sequentially - without letting anybody see what wine we had brought. The wines were placed in order and everybody had a glass and a tasting card with several options and their ratings such as appearance, aroma, and flavor. We also could try to guess the grape variety and vintage and give an overall rating. Our wonderful host provided several types of cheese, bread, crackers, dipping, tapenade, chocolate, cheesecakes, pies, cookies. It was so much fun. In the end, R compiled the results and our host had three wrapped gifts under her Christmas Tree for the guests who brought the winner wines. Guess what? My husband and I were first and second place! It was great. Our wines were the favorites. We got a nice set of wine themed glass coasters and a modern wine opener that we don't need to twist. I loved my gifts and loved the party!


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