Thursday, December 07, 2006

Planning for Christmas 2007

This may sound crazy because the 2006 holiday season just started but I am planning on a little family gift for the 2007 holiday season. A cookbook! Not any cookbook. Not a published cookbook. A family cookbook I'll create, print, and gift members of my family next year. I came across a wonderful resource Blurb to make it happen. You can download a software with templates for any book you would like to write. Then when you are ready, you can upload them and order a printed book. There is a cookbook template that could be used for a professionally published cookbook or a family cookbook. I have some ideas on how I am going to build my family cookbook. I will start with favorite recipes, take a picture of the family member who created, made, or really enjoyed the recipe, take a picture of the dish and include the recipe. So every couple of pages will be dedicated to a member of my family, such as my Aunt's Four Layer Pineapple Cake, my Mother's White Chocolate Ganache Cake that everybody loves, my Brother's favorite Nhoque, and so on... I'm hoping to create a photo album, recipe book, and a keepsake at the same time and I will have an entire year to accomplish just that.


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