Friday, May 18, 2007

What Happened to the Restaurant?

One night last week, my husband and I talked about a restaurant we used to go before we moved here. The place is just 20 minutes away - on the weekends, during the week you can plan to drive 20 mph in a highway that looks like a parking lot. It was a Mongolian Barbecue style restaurant with a great bar. It was always jam-packed after work hours. It seemed that it was a great spot for happy hours. Located across the street from the metro station, in a very popular neighborhood, had great food, hip decor, good atmosphere, had everything going for it. We drove there, parked on the street, looked where the restaurant was located... What happened to the restaurant? It was gone. I can't imagine why. It was always so busy. A Lebanese Restaurant opened in the same location. We were disappointed and considered other restaurants on the same street we have been to. But we decided to stay and try this new place. I am glad we did. Their food was great. We ordered Sfiha for appetizer and kebabs for lunch. The kebabs were served with flat bread and a delicious rice made with almonds, pine nuts and Cinnamon. The spices used in Lebanese cuisine are not something we eat everyday so the flavors stand out. I've got to try some Lebanese recipe at home.


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